Michael Dash | CEO & President Parallel HR Solutions

Michael Dash| Parallel HR Solutions

michael-dash-2Michael Dash is the dedicated, forward ­thinking CEO of one of the fastest ­growing recruiting firms in the United States. He has positioned Parallel HR Solutions as a top source for entrepreneurial tech companies around the country, and uses his passion for networking to help newcomers hit their stride. With over 15 years of total experience and a key role in client services for some of the most prominent Fortune 100 companies, Michael has established himself as a leader in the recruiting industry.

Since he became the CEO and President in 2007, Michael has helped Parallel HR Solutions earn a number of awards and join prestigious networks of like­ minded professionals. The company has earned a spot in the Inc. 5000 (a list of the top fastest­growing private companies in the United States) for three consecutive years. Parallel was also honored in Utah Business magazine’s “Forty Under 40” list of rising professionals in 2014. Michael credits his personal success, and the overall success of Parallel, to a genuine desire to help people.

“I love helping people and do this by representing passionate professionals within technology, product and beyond,” Michael says. He connects these professionals to the best career opportunities that allow them to flourish, maximize their workplace value, and increase their potential. His key to connecting them: strong, effective networking between the companies and clients.

Michael has always been interested in networking. From his membership in the University of Maryland’s New York alumni chapter to his seat in the Young Entrepreneur Council, he knows that making meaningful connections is the best way to grow as a person and effect real change. He also sees networking as an incredible opportunity to learn from others, and participates in a number of associations that get exposure to the newest, brightest minds in their industries. Michael is an accredited investor and belongs to the SLC Angels, an organization devoted to investing in entrepreneurial tech companies. The company’s goal is to advance the “entrepreneurial ecosystem” of Utah, and Michael himself has added to the state’s “ecosystem” in multiple ways. Parallel HR Solutions has made the “Utah 100” (a list of fast ­growing businesses in the state) for four years in a row, and Michael personally completed the selective “Leadership Utah” program aimed at establishing and supporting new community leaders in the state.

In addition to tech and business development, Michael cares about education and public policy­­ the concepts go hand ­in­ hand in ensuring that businesses have access to the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. He also advocates and directly participates in social service programs that alleviate poverty and improve human rights across the board. He has a personal history of volunteer work and has a paid volunteer program in place for all Parallel employees. Michael believes in finding the “diamond in the rough”­­ the future employee with untapped potential. He also believes in the power of personalization. Because he tailors each recruit to a company’s specific technical and financial needs, he creates the ideal staff for every cause.