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10 HR Trends You’ll See in 2016, Pt 1

Everything we know about business and hiring is changing. Technology and new thought processes and theories mean that everything we knew about running a business from 10 years ago is more or less obsolete. Due to the swift rise in these sorts of new technologies, there are going to be a host of new trends that people in the HR world are going to be experiencing. Below I’ve listed 5 of these trends that will be impacting business hiring in 2016.human resources

  1. Data driven recruiting: We’re living in the world of big data and it was only a matter of time before it was used to hire people. With easy and cheap access to data, recruiters are going to be able to be more strategic about their hiring and more in touch with the market, leading to higher efficiency.
  2. Relationships over programs: HR is going to continue moving more towards relationship building between employers and employees, as opposed to pre-packaged programs. Mergers and globalization are going to put an even higher emphasis on maintaining good employee relationships.
  3. Training workers and keeping them up to date: With all the drastic shifts in technology occurring on a weekly basis, there is going to be an even bigger emphasis on training employees and making sure they’re up to date with all of the latests techniques and technologies so that they can be as efficient as possible. HR is going to take an even larger role in this than ever before.
  4. Engagement and culture will be top priorities: Leading from the aspect of focusing on relationships over programs, HR is going to find that promoting employee engagement and a strong, positive company culture as some of their top priorities in the coming year. The last thing you want is people leaving the company in droves due to them hating their job.
  5. Improving the employee experience: The employee experience is going to become even more important in the coming year. With millennials entering the workforce in droves, HR professionals are going to need to change tactics to appeal to this new generation of workers who have very different expectations than previous generations. Making sure that employees are happy is going to be key in this new year.

These are just 5 changes that HR professionals should expect. I’ll be following up with the other five in my next post but you can check out the article here.

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