Michael Dash | CEO & President Parallel HR Solutions

Human Resources As We Know It is Disappearing

I have news: human resources is dying out. Not the job that we know of (though it will inevitably change) and not the purpose of people working under the title of “HR”, but the term itself is on its way out. Why is this the case? There are many reasons but the largest one is a shift in culture and how workers are seen by their employers. The term “human resources” brings to mind the days of factory labor and robber barons who saw their workers as little more than that, resources to be used until the very last drop to be squeezed out before they’re discarded.

Obviously this isn’t the way human resources are seen now and it seems as though the terminology is being replaced to show this shift — Chief HR Officers are being replaced by Chief People Officers and Chief Employee Experience Officers, to name some of the titles springing up. Along with the shift in title, there seems to be a minor shift in the responsibility for people who were once HR officers. While HR normally focused solely on hiring, firing, and employee policies/reviews, the job description is now moving more towards employee experience, engaging employees in the company culture, and thinking about how the workplace is changing and the best to adapt to those changes.

As someone who works in the world of HR, I’m happy that this change is occurring, even if it’s mostly cosmetic in terms of titles. HR get’s a negative rap due to the fact that we’re the ones going through the visual motions of firing someone. There is so much more to HR jobs than just that and hopefully these new changes will go far towards shedding light on the important work HR employees do.

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